How to Enter ....

HANDICAPS ( Please Note * Proof of Handicap is required )...
All entrants must have an active club handicap.
Gentlemen must have a playing handicap of 24 or less.
Gentlemen with handicaps of 25 or more may not compete

Ladies must have a playing handicap of 36 or less.

Applications stating names of all players, their club and Handicaps are required on the application for a Tee Time. (Starting times 8.00 a.m to 2.30 p.m)

ENTRANCE FEES ... Ladies & Gentlemen £17.50 per person. for each event.
Additional payment of £5.00 per person for circuit entry Tee Time requests only accepted via the Request a Tee Off Time on-line booking form.


Submit a request via our Tee off Request Form On-Line Tee Time Request Form

Entries ONLY via booking form. ( NO Telephone No telephone booking accepted.)


  • Golf Week Rules
  • Note *
    Tee Times bookings requested are only provisionally allocated
    and will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.